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Wild Guitar (1962).

January 21, 2011

The Scoop:
Only the colossal team-up of Arch Hall Jr. and Ray Dennis Steckler could combine to produce this piece of ridiculousness.

Arch is Bud Eagle, a guitar slingin’ hick from South Dakota who motorcycles into Hollywood and stumbles into a girlfriend (Nancy Czar) and teen idol stardom in the most improbable way possible. Of course, it goes sour just as quickly as he discovers that show business is a dirty business full of greedy bloodsuckers. The only surprise in the plot is how absolutely stupid it is.

Both artistes bring their trademark styles to “Wild Guitar.” From Steckler, in his directorial debut, comes the overblown slapstick humor, endless musical numbers and the shifty costarring presence of his alter-ego, Cash Flagg. Hall brings his lunkheaded lack of charisma, another handful of bad songs and the slimy costarring presence of his father, Arch Hall Sr. The combination is bad movie heaven.

The script, by Arch Sr. and Bob Wehling, purports to blow the lid off of corruption on the music business. In reality, it’s just a parade of show biz movie cliches, delivered with such fast paced earnestness and silliness that it’s hard to keep up. You don’t want to miss it.

Best Line:
“Deerfish? Deerfish?? DEERFISH?!?!?”

Side Note:
This was the Halls’ second movie of 1962. The other, “Eegah,” also featured the song “Vickie.”

Companion Viewing:
For more by the Halls, check out “The Chopper” (1961) and “Eegah” (1962). For some Steckler fun, look for “The Thrill Killers” (1964) and “Rat Pfink a Boo Boo” (1966).


Take a Look:
The trailer:

Bud Eagle works his musical magic:

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