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Metapost: What’s Next?

January 2, 2012

And with yesterday’s bonus shot of “2012,” the Movie-A-Day experiment is over. The year’s worth of movie recommendations steered me in directions I didn’t necessarily expect going in, but it was interesting nonetheless. Now it’s time to steer the blog back on course somewhat.

The Movie-A-Day project started as a way to deal with a case of writer’s block/blogging burnout, and it helped get me through the former, if not necessarily the latter. (Dealing with burnout by escalating the blog’s updates from weekly to daily? Yeah, not a solid plan.) Now it’s time to bring the focus of the Movie Spot back to where it should be, on the actual movie reviews.

When this blog started back in 2006, I kept up a thrice-weekly posting schedule. That eventually slowed down to twice a week, then finally once a week in the months before the Movie-A-Day series kicked off. But after five years of doing this blog and more than 13 years of blogging in general, it feels like time to slow it down a little bit. At least temporarily.

(Side note: This reminds me that I never did a big fifth anniversary post. I’ll have to remedy that soon, even if it winds up being belated.)

But don’t worry! The Desuko Movie Spot isn’t going away by any means. I still plan to post reviews, but they just won’t be on a regular schedule. I’ll try to post as often as inspiration and my offline commitments allow me to, but don’t be surprised to see weeks go by between updates. Just keep this site in your bookmarks or RSS feed so that you don’t miss the updates when they do happen.

To my newer readers who started following the Movie Spot for the daily updates, I apologize for bailing out on you. But feel free to spend some time in the review archive, which contains more than 300 reviews, many of which I’m quite proud of.

I should also remind you that just because I’m slowing down here for now, that doesn’t mean you can’t find me elsewhere online. I will continue to be a regular contributor to PCL LinkDump, and you can also follow the Movie Spot on Twitter, which I’m going to try to use a little more often. I’ve also become addicted to Tumblr, so you can check out Desuko’s Junk Drawer for a steady stream of pop cultural minutia – not all of it film related – and my newest addition, Earwormology, for a look at my never-ending internal soundtrack.

So thanks to all of you for your continued support and readership, and I hope you’ll stick around for what comes next. Stay tuned.

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