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Movie-A-Day #260: 300 (2006).

September 17, 2011

On (roughly) this date in 480 B.C. the three-day Battle of Thermopylae began, in which a coalition of troops from several Greek city-states tried to hold off an invasion by the much larger and better equipped Persian army. The Greeks – several thousand strong, including a small group of 300 from Sparta – were wiped out and the Persians swept through the Greek peninsula before finally being defeated later at the Battle of Salamis. That’s what really happened. But if you watch Zach Snyder’s “300,” you’ll see the Spartans fighting the Persians all by themselves and somehow winning the war by getting slaughtered. The movie may not be big on truthiness, but at least it looks good.

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  1. September 20, 2011 4:53 am

    The true story is the following ..The Battle of Thermopylae is the inial major event of the Second Persian War the Persian invasion led by King Xerxes son of Darius I who was defeated by the Athenians into the Greek city-states 480 BC . After three days of intense battle suppossedly a Greek who was a Persian sympathizer revaled a secret moutain path behind the Greek forces whereby the Persians surrounded the Greeks killing them to the last man. The Persians did enter the Greek city-sates but after their failure and defeat at the naval battle of Salamis they were unable to maintain a significance force in the Greek lands.

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