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Movie-A-Day #154: I Shot Andy Warhol (1996).

June 3, 2011

Valerie Solanas was an extremist feminist writer who spent the late 1960s bumming around Greenwich Village and trying to find an audience for her manifestos that advocated the murder of all men and the creation of a fully female society. And on June 3, 1968, she tried to kill pop artist Andy Warhol. She had previously asked him to produce one of her plays, and when he blew her off, she returned to The Factory with a gun. He survived a serious chest wound, and although he would continue to be a celebrity for the rest of his life, his artistic output diminished and changed. His classic work was behind him and the heyday of the Factory scene was over. Mary Harron’s film “I Shot Andy Warhol,” starring Lili Taylor, gives Solanas a sympathetic portrayal, bringing out her inner conflict without endorsing her more radical beliefs.

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