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Movie-A-Day #106: High Fidelity (2000).

April 16, 2011

The new world of digital music has given us a lot of gifts – especially the ease of buying and sharing, more portability and the ability of aspiring performers to get their work out to a wider audience than ever before. But those improvements have come at a great cost – the decline of the traditional record store. Nothing has arisen to replace the rush of thumbing through the stacks music, exploring new sounds and holding the physical products in your hands. But that world is not gone completely. Although chain record stores bit the dust years ago, there are still plenty of local, independent shops out there that are keeping the scene alive. Today is Record Store Day, when stores across the country offer special deals, live performances and other celebrations of the joy of music. There’s even a site to help you find your local record shop, guaranteed to be filled with folks just like the guys in “High Fidelity” who are smart, passionate and excited to help you find just the right sounds to make your life even more awesome.

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