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Movie-A-Day #6: The Bloody Pit of Horror (1965).

January 6, 2011

Mickey Hartigay would have been 85 years old today, so let’s give him a birthday shout-out by revisiting his masterwork, “The Bloody Pit of Horror.”

Hartigay was a Hungarian-born bodybuilder who was best known for being Mr. Jayne Mansfield. Their flamboyant eight-year marriage would’ve been a TMZ dream if it had existed then, but out of that marriage came three children, including Mariska Hartigay of “Law and Order: SVU.”

Mickey dabbled in acting a bit, with his most memorable role coming in this movie, an Italian-made sexploitation cheapie. Basically, some clueless fashion models and photographers wander into what they think is an abandoned castle only to be tortured and murdered by the lord of the manor (Hartigay) who fancies himself a reincarnation of someone called the Crimson Executioner. This one’s a must if you like bad movies.

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