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Jawbreaker (1999).

June 25, 2009

The Scoop:
Rose McGowan seems born to play the queen princess ice bitch sex goddess, and this role just cements that reputation.

A catty ’90s update of “Heathers,” “Jawbreaker” finds McGowan as Courtney, the leader of a vengeful high school clique who accidentally kills one of her friends then enlists others to help her cover it up. She hits all the right notes in her performance, creating a character that is both fuckable and detestable at the same time. The supporting cast, which includes veterans like Pam Grier, P.J. Soles and Carol Kane, is solid as well. And, as a bonus, we even get a cameo by the Donnas as the prom band.

Director Darren Stein’s script may be filled with a few too many clichés, and may be a little too derivative of other teen revenge comedies, but it works well as light, sugary entertainment. And it is all carried by McGowan’s terrific performance.

Best Line:
“I mean, food’s cool and all. It tastes good and you need it to live, but the mere act of eating involves thoughts of digestion, flatulation, defecation — even, shall we say, complexion defection.”

Side Note:
William Katt and P.J. Soles, who play Mr. and Mrs. Purr, costarred together in “Carrie” (1976) while Charlotte Ayanna, who plays their daughter Liz, costarred in “The Rage: Carrie 2” (1999).

Companion Viewing:
“The Doom Generation” (1995) and, of course, the much better “Heathers” (1989).

The drinking game.

Take a Look:
A Marilyn Manson cameo (big surprise!):

The opening sequence:

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