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Terror Firmer (1999).

June 5, 2009

The Scoop:
After decades as an underground cinema phenomenon, I suppose you can do anything you want to do.

Witness this little movie from our friends at Troma (which company co-founder Lloyd Kaufman directed, cowrote and stars in), in which every one of their familiar trademarks is thrown into a blender with the lid off. Weird sex, grotesque violence, drugs, familiar characters, hilarity, even a blatant ad for the company’s website — it’s all here, coming at the viewer a mile a minute, along with bits of Kaufman’s filmmaking philosophy and his take on film history.

Eventually the mayhem settles down enough to outline a basic plot — the oddball denizens of a low budget movie set are being threatened by a mysterious serial killer. The cast is led by Will Keenan and Alyce LaTourelle and features such familiar faces as Debbie Rochon, Ron Jeremy, Lemmy, Joe Franklin and Kerry Kenney.

As with everything else produced by Kaufman and his partner Michael Herz, the right people will love this while everyone else is disgusted and appalled. It’s sprawling and chaotic and not quite their best work. But if you are looking for the quintessential Troma movie, this may well be it.

Best Bit:
The hermaphrodite tolerance PSA at the end, which stars Trey Parker and Matt Stone as a hermaphroditic couple and is narrated by Lemmy.

Side Note:
Somehow, this is supposedly based on Kaufman’s book “All I Need to Know About Filmmaking, I Learned From the Toxic Avenger.”

Companion Viewing:
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Take a Look:
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Some typical highbrow Troma hijinks. (Warning — contains graphic violence and a naked fat guy):

Building hermaphrodite awareness:

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