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Gamera vs. Gaos (1967).

March 13, 2009

The Scoop:
Ready for more Gamera, boys and girls?

“Gamera vs. Gaos” is the third entry in the increasingly silly Gamera series, and after the creative flop of “Gamera vs. Barugon,” it’s back to basics. The obligatory child characters return in the form of Eiichi (Naoyuki Abe) and his pals, who seem to have nothing better to do than to help scientists fight giant monsters. And the plot is mostly a rehash of the first film, with the important difference that Gamera is now on the side of the heroic scientists. Replacing Gamera in the big-monster-awakened-by-natural-disaster role is Gaos, a giant bat who is unleashed by a volcanic explosion.

As expected, the monster battles take center stage here, with only enough scenes with the human actors to keep a basic plot humming along. The effects work is actually worse than in the previous movies, and the action — written by Nisan Takahashi and directed by Noriaka Yuasa — takes a turn for the strange, culminating atop a giant rotating, blood-spewing fountain.

If you’re a fan of the kitschy or bizarre, or even just flat-out, uncomplicated kaiju fun, “Gamera vs. Gaos” is a step in the right direction over the previous two films. But it’s just a taste of what’s to come for the series.

Best Line:
“Don’t forget to come visit us, Gamera! Don’t forget!”

Side Note:
The original Japanese title is “Daikaijû kûchûsen: Gamera tai Gyaosu,” which translates literally to the wonderful “Giant Monster Mid-Air Battle: Gamera vs. Gaos.”

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Take a Look:
The German-language trailer:

Marvel at these special effects!

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